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Written by Administrator   
Monday, 16 November 2009 23:32

Announcments header

8/17/13- Tamiya DB02 takes second at TNS Round 4

Jimmy Wright TQ's 2w Mod buggy with his TRF 201XR and qualifies second in 4w Mod buggy with his DB02. In the 4wd main Jimmy had a collision with the 3rd qualifier at the first corner dropping him to dead last. Fighting his way through the pack the DB02 was on rails as he set the track lap record catching the leader however the tone sounded to finish the race and Jimmy was only 4 seconds behind the leader to finish second.

8/12/13- Tamiya USA shutting down warehouse!

Tamiya USA's distribution warehouse will be shut down as of 8/15/13 and will be moving to a new location. This move will provide all of their dealers a better experience with faster order to shipment turn around times and will be able to provide higher stock volume. Orders from Tamiya USA will resume shipping 9/16/13. It is advised to place your orders with your dealer (Track Star) to avoid back order situations for the next 30 days.

Track Star has already placed a stock order to bring our current levels up to keep in stock the higher volume products. During this week we will be placing orders each day until the 15th to try to retain those stock levels during the time of the closure.



8/4/13- TRF 201XR Wins Golden State Championships!


Track Star's very own Jimmy Wright takes the victory at this years Golden State Championships at Freedom Park's Road Runners Raceway in Camarillo California. Jimmy TQ'd the event and held on to take the wins in both the A1 and A3 finals to take the overall Championship in 2wd Modified.


7/30/13- New Tamiya 201XR parts are here at Track Star!


42253 TRF 201XR Chassis Kit

54504 Big Bore Front Shocks

54505 Big Bore Rear Shocks

54506 BB Front 4wd Springs

54507 BB Front 2wd Springs

54508 BB Rear Springs

54509 BB Blank Pistons

These numbers are here at Track Star. We are fulfilling pre-orders and shipping ASAP!

New Orders: Back orders may occur as we have several dozen pre-orders (which will be 100% filled), Tamiya USA will be cycle counting Aug 1-9th. Any non stock items my not ship until after that time.

(42257 XM Chassis Kit and 44258 Aluminum steering kit due late August)


7/10/13- Tamiya 201 "XR" Chassis kits have left Japan!

This new lower deck for the TRF201 off-road racing buggy is result of years of dedicated testing by the TRF team. The TRF201 conversion set is designed with the goal of winning the 2014 IFMAR off-road championships. The new aluminum lower deck makes the TRF201 chassis into a long wheelbase, narrower chassis setup, which reduces contact with the racing surface. Drivers can expect their TRF201 and DN-01 model to become even more competitive in at their local track.



  • Wheelbase is extended by 11mm to provide increased stability.
  • Aluminum lower deck has hard anodized coating to provide excellent durability.
  • Resin side guards add to the toughness of the chassis.
  • Compatible with rectangular-shaped and separate-type battery packs. Battery position can be changed depending upon the type employed.


    Set contents


  • Aluminum Lower Deck x1
  • Aluminum Front Posts x3
  • Aluminum Rear Posts x2
  • Aluminum Battery Post x2
  • Aluminum Sus Spacer x1
  • Carbon Battery Plate x1
  • Resin Side Guards x2
  • Body x1
  • Pre-Orders yours today!

    7/8/13- Jimmy Wright 2nd at Top Gun Shootout!

    Jimmy Wright takes his Tamiya TRF201 "Track'ster" to a hard fought second place at this years Top Gun Shootout in 2wd 17.5 Buggy. Jimmy used the new Hobby Wing v3.1 Stock Spec ESC and Hobby Wing V10 17.5. Powered with Venom 3800 "Shorty" packs, AKA Handlebar tires on DE Racing Borrego wheels.


    7/2/13- Hobby Wing V10 Spec Class motors are now in stock!

    Just released! The HobbyWing V10 motors are here (13.5, 17.5 & 21.5) We will be running these at the up coming Top Gun Shootout in 17.5NT 2wd Buggy. A full report after the race.

    6/28/13- Hobby Wing Stock Spec v3.1 ESC in stock.

    The HobbyWing Stock SPEC v3.1 ESC has everything you could ever want. It comes preprogrammed with 10 different profiles to allow you to pick your class of usage. It does not include a program box but is highly recommended that one be purchased.

    6/3/13- Track Star "OG" shock orings are back in stock!

    Although most back orders have been covered with this order some have not. Yet we have confirmation that another shipment is on its way by the middle of next week which should cover the rest. :)

    5/25/13- Tamiya officially releases the TRF 201XR chassis

    Tamiya have released their new +11 chassis, big bore shocks along with a new body and wing to fit the new chassis. Release date for the 201XR is slated for mid July.

    5/15/13- Track Star "Yellow Jacket" orings on hold.

    Due to our "manufacturer's" misrepresentation of these units being made here in the USA with US made molds, we have halted this project and have switched back to our previous manufactureruntil we can resource another US manufacturer is found. If you have any questions regarding the Yellow acket orings please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


    4/19/13- Track Star Orings for the 22 and SC10 4wd.

    These are on a perpetual back order. They can still be ordered here but know that

    in some cases you will wait up to 6-7 weeks for them to arrive. Our manuafcturer

    can only supply us with 200 sets every 6-8 weeks and we are back ordered one full

    shipment at this time. We are not "holding" orders only those who purchase will

    receive them in the order and for how many ordered as soon as they arrive. We

    appologize for those who did not see that they are on a back order status with

    purchase/ position hold option. If you chose not to wait we can refund your order




    3/18/13- Dualsky products are here!

    Dualsky products are have been around for a number of years in the Aircraft part of our hobby. They have taken those years of knowledge in manufatcuring and have released a line of surface products for racing known as Track & Field. Their drive to become one of the industires top manufacturers of ESC's along with motors and batteries have brought them to Track Star. See their full line of products in the Electronics and Accessories section of our site.


    3/18/13- Tamiya 201 "L" parts are back in stock!

    Click here to go directly to them.



    3/15/13- Due to situations beyond our control Hobby Wing products are on hold for purchase.



    2/28/13- AKA Handlebars now in stock!

    Available in Soft and Super Soft, Clay compound and SCT Tires can be pre-ordered.


    2/27/13- NEW KO Propo Radios / Receivers and Servos now available.


    2/23/13- Jeff White takes 2nd at the DNC!

    After a hard fought, see-saw battle bewteen himself and two factory supported drivers, Jeff White brings home the hardware from this years Dirt Nitro Challenge in Open 4wd SCT with his Track Star prepped Tekno 410SC. A set up sheet will be coming soon.

    2/14/13- Coming soon: Allec Mfg TLR 8ight 2.0 body

    These bodies will come clear and uncut. Features are:


    * Extra clearance for throttle servo arm when using the new Team Losi Gen III radio tray ( stock body rubs )
    * Extra clearance for throttle linkage.
    * Made from durable Polycarbonate
    * All cutout lines are clearly marked as well as body holes and antenna marks for  both type of radio trays.
    * Paint-then-peel overspray film
    * Made in the U.S.A. !!
    * Two sets of window mask, second set is smaller than the first set to enable window outlines if desired.
    * Excellent quality pulled off of aluminum molds.


    2/12/13- Track Star "Yellow Jacket" O-ring update:


    Quite a few months back when we originally set out to correct the problems that we saw with the Losi 22 shocks I was told by a few insiders at Losi that they were working on a solution for the original orings. So we backed off of doing ours. A few months later as you may know they released the "TLR / Team" orings. Smoother; Yes, fix the leak; No. So we went ahead and did our testing of our own design and material. We found a solution and brought it to market. At this time unknown to us that the market would explode for these and our supplying manufacturer could not keep up. A few times we went into back order with both the AE 4x4 and the TLR 22 orings. I was ordering 2 shipments ahead of what could yet to be delivered. This was not panning out. We had to find another source quickly.

    As you all know Track Star products are made here in the USA. Our search lead us to many sources outside of the U.S. but then we had a decision to make. Give in to our "USA Only" products or stop doing the oring product all together. A by chance phone call to another " U.S. supplier" turned out to be a fantastic call as this company manufactures.... in the USA! In explaining what I was looking for and samples being exchanged and tested, I was frustrated once more. The products were either great seals that hindered performance or vice-versa and I was not going to go the route of plain silicone that would just be going backwards. My dismay was heard through the salesman to his boss who happened to be an aerospace engineer for polymer materials (the owner of this company) who wanted to talk to me directly to figure out if he could help. 

    Long story short, after a 2 hour conversation during which emails of specs exchanged we came up with a compound that has not been seen outside of the aerospace industry! This compound is currently being tested in real world conditions (albeit in the standard shock oring size of 3x2mm) if proven to be reliable and proven to perform, tooling will be made not only for the AE 4x4 SC & the TLR 22 platforms but for all other R/C race car fitments. Testing will continue and by weeks end we should have a "go or no go" answer. If this is a "go" we should have a better answer on release date for our new "Yellow Jacket" o-ring line!

    We will keep all of you informed of the progress and we appreciate all of you hanging in there waiting.


    2/1/13- Tamiya TRF 502x parts section updated.

    More Hop Ups for the 502x are up with more to come as we get them in stock.


    1/30/13- Tamiya TRF 201 parts section updated.

    You will now find more parts and Hop Ups for the 201 listed.


    1/30/13- *NOTICE* Tamiya 51504 > 54443

    This part has been removed from our site and been replaced with the upgraded 54443. The 54443 is the Carbon Reinforced upgrade for the 51504. Current orders at this time will be upgraded for no extra cost.


    1/30/13 - All Track Star orings are on back order.

    This includes all 22, 22T, 22SCT & SC10 4x4. The order buttons are still available if you chose to purchase and wait out the back order in the order that each was received. We are expecting all orings including our new fitments for the AE big bores, Kyosho big bores and Tamiya shocks to be available at the same time.

    Current release for them is Feb 12th. We will update you as soon as we have more information.


    1/11/13 - "Wright Wings" are HERE!!

    Ship date is projected for 1/14/13.

    10/25/12 - Track Star TLR22 orings are here!


    The long awaited cure is here for your 22, 22T & 22SCT.

    10/11/12 - TS-1C is now available!

    TS-1C is a specially formulated light weight synthetic lube for ceramic and hybrid ceramic bearings.



    9/18/12 - Track Star Championship Off Road Grand Prix!!

    Entries are capped at 250. So sign up early!


    9/17/12 - Tamiya 51504 Rear Hubs are here!






    8/7/12 - Platinum is back!

    Platinum was one of our original tire conditioner formulas. It was put on hold due to some chemicals that were used in the process of making Platinum (and 93) that were banned for sale by the state of California. I am happy to announce that we are using greener/acceptable versions of those chemicals and not only are we safe, legal and more environmentally cleaner we believethat Platinum is better than ever.

    Originally mixed for off road use, Platinum is now our on road (asphalt and carpet) sauce for rubber and foam tires. Blended to be consistent through the entire run and with it's low odor is happily compliant to be used indoors and being dye-free will not stain carpet. Pick up a bottle of TS-Platinum today and see for yourself.


    8/1/12 - Track Star Ceramic Transmission Bearings!

    The first two sets to be released are the versions for the TRF 201 (which covers the Tamiya DN-01 and FF03 cars as well as the TS201SC & ST) and the version for the Kyosho RB5 (which covers the RT5 & Ultima SC/SCR/SP) all bearings are ABEC3 spec and are sourced right here in the USA! The sets shown here have a sample of our TS-1C ceramic bearing oil which will be sold seperately in 1oz micro oiler bottles at the end of August 2012.



    Jimmy takes home the "W" at Top Gun!

    Jimmy TQ'd and Won 17.5 NT Buggy with the "Track'ster" Tamiya 201 at this past weekends "Top Gun Shootout" at SDRC Raceway in San Diego. Jimmy ran AKA Super Soft Rebars on a four corners powered by a Speed Passion V3.0 motor and Track Star "Fuel Cell" shorty pack. Jimmy said he will be writing a full build article on the "Track'ster" in the near future so keep an eye out for that!


    5/19/12 - Track Star takes 3 at JBRL Round #4

    Track Star drivers take the win in 3 of 6 expert classes at round 4 of the 2012 JBRL electric series.

    Jake Thayer takes Pro 4 SCT,

    Carson Wernimont takes 4wd Buggy

    Lucas Sanford takes eBuggy



    5/19/12 - Track Star take podium spots at Airland's Spring Series Shootout.

    Jeff (pictured on the left) takes third in Pro 4 SCT while James (not pictured) takes second in 2wd Mod buggy.

    5/8/12 - This weeks "Trivial Trivia" is up on facebook.

    Like us and post for your chance to win some Track Star products!


    5/7/12 - Track Star's Lucas Sanford takes a double!

    Lucas Sanford takes the JConcepts "April Fools" Series by storm and finishes

    up by winning the 2wd Mod buggy class and the eBuggy titles!


    5/03/12 - Track Star is now a dealer of AVID R/C Products!

    AVID has grown from their reliable bearings into much more. Now with Kurt

    Wenger on board they have released new products beyond bearings.

    We will be stocking their wheels as well as their new line of springs and their

    newly popular B4.1 steering rack and hex adapter hubs.


    5/01/12 - Kevin Pitta takes NorCal Champ Series Rd#1!

    Team track Star driver Kevin Pitta takes the win in 4x4 SCT at the first round of the NorCal Championship Series. (Congrats Kevin!)


    4/30/12 - Track Star 2x's "Stock Nationals" Champions!


    (Pictures soon as we get them)


    Track Star takes home two "Stock Nationals" titles this past weekend. The highly contested and biggest turn out class of the weekend was Sportsman 2wd buggy and Casey Becica nailed down not only the TQ 3 of the 4 rounds but also drove away with the first 2 A mains to easily clinch the title.

    Jake Thayer became the 4wd Buggy "Stock Nationals" Champion with solid runs all weekend and battling the last few minutes of the A main with Brent Fiege turned to Jakes favor for him to take the title.

    Both drivers used TS-Gold to accomplish their titles.


    4/24/12 - "Trivial Trivia" now on Track Star's FB page.

    Every now and then we will play "Trivial Trivia". A give away game on our facebook page. Join us to see if you know or can guess the answer. While you are there hit the like button and become a fan to follow our posts on what is happening with Track Star and our race team.


    4/23/12 - Track Star joins the "Hardware Wars"!

    A look into our new product line. We are supplying racers with very high quality hardware. These bolts are U.S. made and are 10.9 or higher class black oxide alloy steel. These will come in packs of 10 or less depending on size. Each pack will list for $3.00.

    Within this product line we are offering the "Pit Kit" which will be a small parts bin with an assortment of screws, bolts, nuts and washers in various sizes to accommodate 1/10 vehicles as well as kit for 1/8 vehicles.

    We will have our full line of hardware up on our site by next week.

    4/20/12 - CJ Greaves wins first time out in TORQ Pro 2!

    Track Star R/C team driver CJ Greaves takes the gold in his TORQ series Pro 2 debut!

    Congratulations CJ and the Greves Motorsports / Monster Energy race team!


    4/16/12 - TS-Gold hits 1000 sold!

    Incredible sales for this product in just 90 days of going public.

    Join the 100's of users who continue to use Southern California's #1 selling traction compound.


    4/9/12 - Track Star's Jake Thayer takes JBRL win!

    Jake Thayer takes round #2 of the JBRL series in 4wd buggy racing his Tamiya 502x to a hard fought victory over Justin Lew. Notable also was Jake's second place finish in Pro 4 short course. Running a prototype Mugen SC, this was the first time the truck saw dirt! More to come......


    4/3/12 - Jimmy Wright on the RC Race Chat Radio Show tonight!

    This is a live show broadcast in Las Vegas. You can here it streaming live on the radio

    stations website:  KLAV1230am


    4/3/12 - We have a section now for our own goodies.

    Track Star Products


    4/2/12 - Track Star Precision bearings now available!

    With the great success of our bearing kits for the Jammin SCRT10 we have expanded ourline of precision ABEC 3 rated ball bearings.Coupled with our TS-1+ bearing oil will make for an unbeatable combo on the track. (We will soon be adding more metric sizes including SAE as well as ceramics in all sizes)

    3/28/12 - MIP comes to Track Star!

    Moore's Idea Products owner Eustace Moore has been developing innovative products

    for the R/C industry since 1978 and continues to do so today. Inventors of the CVD,

    the 4-10 Legend, the basis of what off road transmissions are today including the

    internal ball diff now bring you Bypass 1 shock technology. We look forward to

    working with Eustace on future projects as well as selling his innovative products to

    our clients.


    3/27/12 - Trick Parts hardware kits now at Track Star!


    3/26/12 - Track'ster wins debut race at SDRC.

    Our latest project car is the "Track'ster". A Tamiya 201 that is being tested & developed solely for the 17.5 non timing class. We have run this car a several tracks around Southern California but until this past Saturday have yet to enter competition and on it's first outting we scored a win at SDRC in San Diego. Our big debut is to see how the Track'ster holds it's own at the Stock Nationals in April.

    3/21/12 - Revolve R/C car stands now at Track Star!

    Chose from three different colors (Gold, Silver or Black) and three different top plate sizes.

    Small for 1/10,

    Large for 1/10 SC and 1/8 buggy

    XL for 1/8 truggy.

    Contact us for more details about our pre order special. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    3/19/12 - JAMMIN Products coming to Track Star!

    We will be stocking all of the fine products from Jammin by the end of the month.


    3/12/12 - KYOSHO Parts now in stock!

    We are carrying parts and accesories for their major race models; MP9, STRR, RB5, RT5, ZX5 & Ultima SC-R. If there is something you don't see or need parts for a different model we can order them for you.


    3/10/12 - Track Star TS-201SC chassis #30 by Summer.

    The hand built TS-201SC Tamiya based short course trucks created by Jimmy Wright

    is estimated to reach their final number by this summer. To commemorate 30 years in

    R/C racing  (1981-2011) we decided to build just 30 SC trucks each chassis engraved

    with the number corresponding to each build. After #30 is finalized we are looking into

    just building kits which will not bear any serial numbering and supporting the parts for them

    for the next several years.


    3/9/12 - SchuurSpeed to be restocked in late March.

    From enormous sales since their release, we have sold everything that SchuurSpeed had in stock for us. The next shipment will come in around the 26th of this month. Pre-Order now to secure your spot at getting one of the fastest moving products we have sold to date.


    3/6/12 - Thayer/ TS-Gold take 2nd in eBuggy at JBRL!

    Jake Thayer takes his Tamiya 801e to an impresive second place finish during round one of the JBRL Electric series at OCRC Raceway using Track Star's TS-Gold tire sauce.

    3/5/12 - SchuurSpeed TQ's all Stock classes at JBRL Rd#1!

    Then finish first in SC and Stadium Truck with a second in Buggy!


    3/1/12 - Our "LiPo Locker" project back on the bench.

    We are taking our two year old "LiPo Locker" project off the shelf and blowing off the

    dust. With the recent fires that have devistated friends homes, garages and even cars,

    Track Star is looking to put a stop to this with an economical fire proof carry case / charging box.

    Details coming soon.


    2/16/12 - Team Track Star welcomes: CJ Greaves!

    At only 16 years old "CJ" Greaves has accomplished many things in motorsports that even grown men wish they could. From National victories in Motocross to his most recent wins in TORC Super Buggy and Prolites becoming the youngest driver to win a National title in 4 wheel Off Road racing. Along the way "CJ" also was named rookie of the year in 2010 while also claiming the TORC Super Buggy Title.

    "For me picking up "CJ" was a definate "no brainer". He has the talent, skill and drive to win with anything he drives. More importantly for us, he has the right demeanor and the constant smile that makes up what this Hobby/Sport is all about........ fun."  - Jimmy Wright



    2/15/12 - Speed Passion Reventon Pre Order starts today!


    2/14/12 - Alpha Plus Engines in Stock!


    2/13/12 - Schuur Speed Spec Motors at Track Star!

    Ron Schuur, the man behind the Multi time Roar National Champion winning ICON brand motors has released his own

    motor line with the latest technology on the market today. The line up can be found here: Schuur Speed


    2/9/12 - HiTec Chargers in stock!

    2/8/12 - Track Star AKA EVO Truggy Tire / Wheel Balancer promotion!

    Buy ANY 4 pair of AKA's new EVO Truggy tires, use promo code HALFOFFAKAWB and get the new AKA 1/8 wheel balancer for 50% off! Mix or match compounds, tread patterns, with or without inserts or even premounts by using promo code HALFOFFAKAWB and get the Mark Pavidis designed wheel balancer for 50% off street price! (good until 3/1/12)

    Just enter any 4 pair of AKA Evo Truggy tire pairs into your shopping cart along with the AKA wheel balancer. Enter promo code HALFOFFAKAWB in the coupon code box and finish your purchase.

    (Any coupon code problems should be reported to the web master at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it immediately.)


    2/6/12 - AKA EVO Truggy tires are here!



    2/1/12 - Track Star will again sell and service Alpha Plus!

    "We are more than happy to announce that we have struck a deal with Triton RC (Alpha Importer) tobecome a dealer for Alpha Plus engines. As many of you know Track Star put Alpha Plus on the map here in the U.S. and our falling out with RCPro caused us to stop selling the entire line".


    1/31/12 - AKA Vektor rear for 1/10 buggys now in stock!


    1/30/12 - Lee Martin Racing (LMR) products in stock!!

    Jimmy Wright (Track Star), Lee Martin (LMR) and Brad Krans (TFR) ink a deal

    bringing Track Star on board as a LMR dealer here in the U.S.


    1/17/12 - ABEC35 bearings now at Track Star!!

    The most recognised name in bearings world wide is now at Track Star!

    1/16/12 - KO Propo announce new EX-1!


    1/10/12 - Sweep Racing "10DROID" tires now available!


    1/1/12 - Happy New Year!


    12/25/11 - Happy Holidays from all of us here Track Star

    12/12/11 - TS 1+ is now available!

    One of our first products is something that I have been working on for 20 years as my personal bearing oil for my pit box. A little over five months ago I found a lube base that fit exactly what I had been looking for all these years, coupled with some findings from as far back as 1991, I blended them together and voila! What I call TS-1+. TS for Track Star, 1 for the only one anyone needs and the
    "+" is for more than just bearings.

    In short, what started as a bearing lube has the shear strength to tackle CVA joints and the anti friction properties to even tackle nitro engine rods and piston pins. I'm not claiming a miracle lube. Just something that works very well of which the hobby industry has never seen before. Try it. I think you will agree as some of Southern California's top R/C Pro drivers who use it do, it works.. Click here to find out more.


    11/16/11 - Tamiya Zahhak body available for DN01 & TRF 201.


    10/27/11 - AKA "Vektor"& "Impact" 1/10 Buggy tires in stock!


    10/24/11 - Track Star "TS" series of tire conditioners is here!

    Formulated for use on all natural and synthetic rubber both solid and foam. Track Star's line of tire  conditioners will not only soften the rubber but more importantly clean the pores and help replenish some of the natural oils. Available in 3 distict types;

    "TS-93" is an all purpose conditioner with a medium odor similar to other "buggy type" sauces.

    "TS-Gold" is our odorless formula that works well on carpet but can also be used on the dirt.

    "TS-Platinum" is as strong as it gets. Wintergreen sauces look out! This will take a few points of durometer off of your tires.

    Also available in a 3 pack.


    10/17/11 - *** Track Star o-ring update***

    First of all thank you to the dozens of customers who stuck it out with us patiently

    through our snafu that caused such a long back order. As some of you know we had

    to switch manufacturers mid stream and now have a solid manufacturer to work with

    here in the U.S.

    In saying that our o-rings are back in stock and all back orders have been shipped (as of today).

    Also this means that they are on the shelf in stock now and we are taking dealer inquiries.


    10/1/11 - DE Racing "Borrego" buggy wheels in stock!

    Born from the grueling miles of the Baja 1000 and forged by the wheel to wheel action of Crandon, DE Racing brings the RC world the "Borrego" buggy wheel. Constructed to satisfy the most discriminating racer while offering scale realism that has never before been available for 1/10 scale buggies, the "Borrego" wheel is sure to be a new favorite for many drivers.

    Wheels Feature:

    • Realistic scale appearance of a beadlock wheel with mud cover
    • Advanced structural design for strength and durability
    • Roar legal widths and 2.2 diameters
    • Available in White, Yellow, and Black
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    Chose from White, Flo Yellow or Black to fit your TLR 22, Kyosho RB5 or AE B4 or Tamiya 201, 501x, 511x or 502x.



    9/10/11 - Track Star prepped Venom Gamblers podium track opener.

    Pres Ilog and Jimmy Wright debuted their race prepped Venom Gambler SCT's

    at this past weekends Airlands Indoor Raceway Grand Opening series event. Pres Ilog took

    the first round TQ over Jimmy and a full class including some top TLR drivers. The second

    round of qualifying saw both drivers best their times but this time Jimmy took the TQ with

    Pres second on the grid for the final. When the tone sounded it was a Gambler freight train

    for the first few laps with a couple of bobbles by both drivers allowing the TLR driver to pass.

    A chase ensued for the next four minutes and with Pres battling for the first position only to

    come up a second short with Jimmy in tow for a 2-3 podium finish!



    8/21/11 - 3 Entries, 3 Podiums at first annual Summer Sizzle!


    This past weekend ARC Raceway held their Summer Sizzle race which attracted over 100 entries which included some of So Cal’s best drivers. In 2wd SC Mod it would be Jimmy Wright taking top honors as he set his TS-201SC on cruize control and finished nearly a half of a lap ahead of 2nd. In 4wd SC Jimmy would take 3rd coming from a second turn mistake which left him dead last. In 1/8 E-Buggy Pres Ilog was uncontested as he took TQ and the win with his Tekno/D8.


    8/14/11 - Track Star TS-201SC in the "A" at the ROAR Nats!


    Well... We did it!

    One year and two months after creating the TS-201SC we decided to take it to the ROAR Nats and give it a shot against the factory boys from the "other" teams to see what the outcome would be. Though I qualified 10th I was able to accomplish the goal of making the "A". The icing would have been podium and the cherry would have been to win but it was not to be for the later two.

    Right from the start the TS-201SC was on point to do well but it needed some tweaks to allow me to hold my own against the likes of Maifield, Bradley, Tebo, Truhe and Kinwald. I was fortunate not to have one single issue (other than some driving errors) to bring home a spot in the A main at this years ROAR 1/10 Nationals. I went on to turn in an 8 in A1, a 9 in A2 and a 7 in A3 but some how the numbers stacked against me to finish 10th overall.




    7/17/11 - Jimmy Wright Wins 2wd Mod SCT @ GRRS Rd8


    7/16/11 - Jimmy Wright Wins the GRRS in 1/8 Nitro!

    7/2/11 - Track Star's Ryan Lutz takes home the win

    at JC Summer Indoor Nats Rd#2


    Full story at


    6/26/11 - Jeff White Wins "King of Cal"!

    Jeff takes his Track Star prepared Tamiya TB03 to a win at Cal Raceways first annual "King of Cal".



    6/19/11- The WINNER of the Fathers Day Raffle is:

    Ian Tucker!

    Congratulations and we hope that you enjoy your Tamiya TT01-E and Futaba Radio!




    6/16/11 - Short Course HQ .com is now active!

    We are adding new products everyday not only to SCHQ but also to Track Star.

    Check back often or subscribe to multiple sections to get notifications.


    6/15/11 - Tamiya TA06 and TA06 Pro Chassis Pre Order!



    TA06 YouTube video



    6/15/11 - PREORDER NOW: Proline's National Championship Winning Blockade 1/8 Buggy Tire! Available soon.


    6/10/11 - DE Racing's "Zip Sticks" & SC10 4x4 wheels In Stock!!



    6/9/11 - Venom Products now available at Track Star!

    "We are proud to annouce Venom products are available at Track Star. We will first be concentrating on the Gambler S/C truck and the VMX450 motorcycle. However all Venom products will be available through us some items will be special order."

    6/6/11 - Power Master Fuels by VP Racing at Track Star!

    20%, 25% & 30% Nitro blends available in Gallon and Quarts. Also Power Master's

    "SEF" line of fuels to be added soon.



    5/31/11 - Jeff White's Track Star prepped Kyosho S/C takes

    TQ and the Win at GRRS Round 6

    Track Star's Pres Ilog also takes GRRS Rd 6 victory in 1/8 Expert Buggy!

    Track Star's Jimmy Wright "Triple-Doubles" GRRS Rd 6 finishing second in 1/8 Ex Buggy,

    Expert 4WD SC & Exp Mod 2WD SC (with Pres taking third)

    5/31/11 - Jimmy Wright's latest SC10 4x4 set up.





    5/27/11 - KO Propo "Electical Switch 2"  and  FH-SS (Frequency Hopping-Spread Spectrum) are on their way. Details, price and availability to be posted soon.


    5/20/11- UnderWear now available at Track Star!

    (Ummm... What??)

    New from Imagine It Graphics is this unique product to help keep the paint on your Short

    Course Truck intact from those pesky skid marks associated with tire rub.

    Click here for more details and order info.


    5/18/11 Team Track Star podiums all classes entered @ GRRS Rd 5!

    Jeff White takes home 2nd in Stock S/C and Sportman Truggy.

    Pres Ilog triple doubles with 2nd place in Ex Nitro and E-Buggy as well as Mod S/C.

    Jimmy Wright TQ's his fifth straight round in Mod S/C and finishes 3rd in Ex Nitro Buggy.



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